The Gila Forest of New Mexico renowned for its premium Elk hunting will be the location for this adventure. The-Elk N-Arrow Ranch has invited the Las Vegas Chapter of Safari Club International in partnership with Freedom Alliance to host two Veteran Soldiers for a charity Elk hunt on the ranch located just outside Quemado New Mexico.The Elk-N-Arrow Ranch and neighboring Wellborn Ranch together donated two land owner tags for either sex elk, either a bull or cow elk can be harvested with these tags. These properties have produced some amazing Bulls over the years with many scoring more than 380 inches.

Formed in 1990 by two Vietnam Veterans, Freedom Alliance is an established organization helping military families overcome the wounds of war. Their vision statement, a national security strategy which deters wars that are avoidable; wins wars that are inevitable; and never forgets those who go to war on our nation’s behalf. Shortly after Freedom Alliance was formed the United States declared war on Iraq and the founders mission was clear, Freedom Alliance determined that Persian Gulf warriors would receive the respect and support their Vietnam-era predecessors were denied a generation before.The Las Vegas Chapter relied on Freedom Alliance to select the soldiers for this hunt based on their 27 years of experience in identifying and helping veteran warriors. Veteran Sergeant First Class (Ret.) William “Joe Haney”, 12 years of service with four combat deployments totaling 49 months in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our second Warrior 101st Airborne (Air Assault) division Team member Jason Whitehorse with several combat deployments one of which was to the Suni Triangle infamously named Triangle of Death.

The hunt will take place October 1st through the 5th with several volunteers from both SCI Las Vegas Chapter and Freedom Alliance. Safari Club International mission is to protect our rights to hunt and access public lands for not only hunting but recreational use for our families now and in the future. Hunting is conservation with the monies spent by outdoorsman and license’s and fees paid all go to the enhancement of wildlife habitat and protection and expansion of our wildlife. The Mission of SCILas Vegas Chapter is to support Nationals efforts and bring the hunters and outdoorsman of Las Vegas together in unity and educate our youth and non-hunters on the importance protecting our rights and wildlife both here and around the world. Supporting our men and women who fought for our freedoms is the least we can do, providing this hunt for these two warriors is only a small token but one we hope will make a difference. We look forward to sharing the experience of this hunt next month for more information about SCI Las Vegas Chapter go to  For more information on Freedom Alliance go to