Heritage Protection Group (HPG) a well-established multi-faceted organization based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa was the recipient of a donation of equipment in excess of $4600 raised by members and supporters of The SCI Las Vegas Chapter.

HPG is a group of extraordinary people with the dedication that matches no other they have taken matters into their own hands to fight back and save live’s and protect the native wildlife. They are a non-profit entity with the sole purpose to prevent and investigate serious violent crime and to support the environment with the fight against and prevention of Rhino poaching. With Rhino poaching still at an epidemic level and Lion poaching now at an all-time high their services are needed over a vast region; this equipment will hopefully aid in their efforts. Again, special thanks to our South African Outfitters for donating hunts to our 2017 Banquet fundraiser and the members and supporters who purchased them. These funds have and will continue to support SCI’s fight for Hunters rights and the conservation and expansion of wildlife both here in the United States and across the Globe.

In partnership with our hunting partners, Watts Trophy Hunting, Infinito Safaris, Namibia Safari Corporation, and WOW Safaris who are all prominent South African Outfitters, SCI Las Vegas Chapter was able to raise the money needed to purchase the equipment. Six set ups were purchased which included Camel Day-Packs, FlIR thermal vision cameras, 1000 Lumen flashlights, Garmin wrist GPS units, hand cuffs, Nikon Binoculars, Military grade first aid kits, and four trail cameras. Fortunately, one of our members was on Safari in the Limpopo Province in July and was able to deliver the items in person to Gawie (Sakie) Louwrens their representative.